The "Queen" and the "Queen Mum" enjoyed your performance! Very nice of the Baaaaand to play for the residents at the Legacy. From the box seats, I saw a little foot tapping and smiles of folks enjoying that walk down memory lane.

Great harmonies and staying true to the original songs....a great tribute to the Beatles!!    -Lisa


Great show at Johnny's

Went to Johnny's to meet friends and check out another band...a pleasant surprise that Eight Days a Week was setting up in the other room. Great musicianship, harmonies and overall fun time! Looking for future show dates, places and times

  • Reviewer: Roger H
  • Services Provided: Beatles Tribute Band
  • Rating: 5 out of 5


Had a “wow” today! My neighbors put on a fireworks show that looks better than most carnivals ! I had Eight Days a Week. Life is good and thank you big guy upstairs!!!

Mike R.


Terrific "Beatles" cover band!! We tore up the floor dancing to them! We definitely will go see them again!



Always a fun time with these Lads! Beatles Rock! They have been loving and sharing what they do for over 8 years now. Coincidence? - I don't think so. Compassion? - I think so. Thank you for sharing your talent and spending time with us. Karen


To all my friends and family from 8-Days-A-Week. The best Beatles cover band in Rochester !!! Thank you Soo much for coming out and supporting John's band RocStreet Tonite! It meant the world to us!!! We love you!!! And to all the people who have not had the privilege of hearing 8-Days-A-Week !! Get out there and feel nostalgic!!



Had a great night with friends listening to 8 Days A Week playing all Beatles music.



If you are a Beatles fan you need to check out EightDays AWeek ! They are an awesome Tribute band, lots of fun and dancing!


EightDays AWeek ended the season for Summer Serenades. They played to a packed house inside and out of Java Junction. Everyone was singing along. The Brockport Development Corporation did it again! Thanks for providing us with 8 free concerts this summer.
Hi, i saw you last year in march at Johnnys Pub while visiting Rochester (i am from Berlin, Germany). I plan to be back in Rochester late summer and just want to tell you to keep playing because i definitely want to see you again. You were just wonderful!! I am a huge Beatles fan and thought you were fantastic!
All the best and hope to see you in a few months :)
Greetings from Germany,


Thank you all for putting on such an amazing show, you are not only amazing performers, but incredibly generous and kind hearted. All of you fellows are high class and we are so blessed to have had your company today!!! I am so grateful for everyone and everything, nothing but love!!!!!


Well the lads did it again !!! The performance was a huge success !! Johnny's Irish Pub was packed full of devoted Beatle fans singing and dancing their hearts out !!! Thanks to Johnny and the wait staff for their service in this packed house. I'm sure it wasn't easy on them !! Thanks to all who took part in this celebration !!!! Special thanks to EightDays AWeekfor making the evening so special !!!

Paul L


Great time for all. Thanks for the invite!

Thomas Y


Amazing night, and a big pat on the back to The Professor, troubleshooting, disassembling, repairing and then rebuilding his amp 10 minutes before the gig started. no pressure there, buddy!

Norm R


Eight Days A Week was awesome. Really, really good. Big pool of hits to dig into with the Beatles and they nailed every one of them. Too many to list but I can't say enough how good they were. Packed the house at Johnny's Irish pub and they owned the place. Great crowd response and everyone singing along. Great job Lads.

Brian N


Another awesome performance last night by our favorite band Eight Days A Week! Thanks again for playing my favorite song "Michelle" for me and my hubby to dance to!



Spent a great night and made more new friends with Eight-Days-A-Week and another great performance at Dream Lake campground.



My daughter is getting married and I saw them recently opening for Gary Lewis and the Playboys and really loved them. I would love my guests to hear them during cocktail hour because they were so great!



Awesome Gary Lewis and the Playboys Concert at Heartbeats for  Mendon!  Eight Days a Week turned me into a Beatles fan.....



Great show!

Saw them open for Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Great music... lead guitar was amazing!!!! Wonderful vocals. Can't wait to see them again.

Terri M


Breakfast with the Beatles and my darling wife Sue!! Heard my first ad for Gary Lewis fronted by Eight Days A Week on WCMF. Should be a great performance next Saturday.



Great tribute band!!!!!!

True talent. They made a normal birthday party great. I and all the guests really enjoyed the band.



I cannot recommend this band enough! they played for my surprise 50th birthday party at the ROC cafe and WOWED the house! Very family-friendly, personable and EXCELLENT with all their Beatles renditions. THANK YOU

8-Days-A-Week for a great time on March 31st!



Another Grand Night with Eight Days A Week! Love listening to these guys do The Most Perfect Rendition of The Beatles! Fun, fun, and it's a shame if you missed out! Always another show, I'm sure!



Another great performance my man. You guys know how to play to the crowd. Love the music!!!



Last night was a blast! It was awesome to see old, young and in between all enjoying the same music and each other's company. It was a lovely mix indeed! Looking forward to the next night of great Beatles music! Thank you 8 Days a Week for sharing your talent and enthusiasm!



Thanking Eight Days A Week for re-energizing my love for the Beatles. To anyone who reads this please catch these lads as they are out and about, they truly are that good.



exceptional music; exceptional people. Eight-Days-A-Week



Another great night with Eight Days A Week. To all that were there, we had a rocking time. To those that did not show - you all missed another great performance. The good news is you get another chance on Dec 16 at the California Brew Haus.



Awesome night at 58 main. Crowd was great --band at its best - friends and family it was great, possibly the best one yet.



It was so much fun, guys! Thank you for playing our requests! Toby said, "You sound better than the albums!" Yeah, baby!



Well, last night Eight Days A Week put on an unbelievable show. The place was packed and there was standing room only. Awesome job, guys. Thanks for a truly great time. Can't wait till the next one.



“8-Days-A-Week were at their finest last night!!!!!!! Thank you so much guys, for giving me goosebumps. Love to dance to their amazing talent!”  :-)



"Tonight you all shined!!!! I think it was the best you have ever done!!! Great performance, and an awesome time. Thanks guys, love you all much!!!!



"WOW !!!!! You guys rocked :) :) Awesome time out with family and, of course, my friends”  :)



"Great show last night. Thanks, had a blast!"



"Best time ever, you really outdid yourselves! Last night was a blast, I can't wait for the next time -- can't come soon enough!!"



"Yup yous guys really put on a spectacular, " really big shoe "."



You guys were awesome the other night - Mike and I can't wait to hear you play again!




They were great and very professional.  Many compliments from the crowd.

M.C. Town of Chili


Eight Days A Week, Jimmy, Dave, DJ, and Bruce, you guys ROCK!!! Great concert tonight. Can't wait to see you at 58 Main St next weekend. It's always a great time when we hear our favorite band!!!!



I have witnessed more than just " a pretty good band "



Best way to start a vacation is a night out with 8 Days a Week and great friends !! Thanks Guys for a great night !!!



DJ... your band was was amazing and I am so happy that I came to see you all.  Love and hugs to you and Pam!!



Had a great time last night! You guys are awesome! We want more!



Only a couple of hours left - then relax before going to listen to 8-Days-A-Week @ 58 Main !! Let the good times roll---/ see ya there !!!



What a fantastic time at the beach tonight with Eight-Days-A-Week! I believe that your fan base has just exploded! You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!



"Good show as usual :)"



"You guys totallly rock, and I can't wait for Charlotte beach on June 8th."



 "I remember buying the 'Thank You Girl' 45. Never heard any band cover this one. Congrats guys. Looking forward to hearing you!!"



Another great night spent with Eight Days a Week and all my lovely friends ! ♥



"You guys sound just like the Beat-diddly-eatles." -Ned Flanders


I will absolutely be there.  Wouldn't miss it!!



Another Great Night with "Eight Days A Week"! You all keep getting better & better. Such a joy to watch & listen to. Thank you!  :-)



Sorry we can't be there to see you perform...maybe once you start to tour you'll be in the area  =>)



Hey Folks, Come join us @ California Brew Haus on Saturday April 23rd @ 9p and check out "Eight Days A Week", the All Beatles Band. They are very entertaining and if you close your eyes, you can imagine that "The Beatles" are standing before you. Hope to see you!



Hi Jim, that's the same night as Elton John, but hoping to stop in after!



I predict great fame for your group in the future. I'm not kidding.



Hey, Everyone, Let's try to make this one!



I'm so excited for you and wish you much success! I may have to stay up past my bed time!



Thanks to "8 Days A Week", I can't get the Beatles' tunes out of my head!



My friend plans on bringing her sister next time. She is a huge Beatles fan and we know she will definitely be impressed. Thanks again for a great time & Happy New Year!



With your help the Vietnam Vets raised over $6000 to help our newly returning veterans.

Your great music brought back many great memories, when I turned my back I thought we had The Beatles on stage.

Again thanks and look forward to seeing you again.

Ken Moore


Vietnam 1966-67


That's pretty exciting. Nice to hear that your band has a big following. One day I've got to get upstate to hear it. Good luck.



Glad to hear about the popularity of your group!



Thanks for getting back to me, Bruce.  I had a great time last night. 

Stay in touch.



Keep me posted on gigs!  Can't make it this time, but will catch the band another time!!!



We definitely want you to  play at my birthday party !   D.


Yeah, yeah yeah!!   B.


D texted me last week after The Bay, and asked me if you had played

"Imagine" that night after they left.  Not sure if you do it, but I

'imagine' that's a request. 

take care,


HI, LOVE:    Much as we'd LOVE to hear the band again, I can tell you right now that 10:00 pm is waaay too late for us oldies.  But keep us in the loop...we'll be there again.  Love you!!



Big shout out and THANK YOU to EightDays AWeek!! Not only did they donate their awesome talent for the fundraiser, they gave this girl a MUCH NEEDED respite from this world for a few hours. If anyone is looking for a Beatles tribute band for their next event, CALL THEM!! You will not be disappointed!



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