Our performance of the entire "Abbey Road" album at the Record Archive was a resounding success! It was a lot of preparation in order to reproduce the recording studio magic of The Beatles. Most of the songs were beyond even the abilities of the Beatles themselves to perform live.


The 60s were defined by the music of The Beatles. The band 8-Days-A-Week will bring back many of those memories!

They've been entertaining in the Rochester area for more than ten years. Whether it's many of the Town Gazebo Concerts, clubs, or special events - they always provide a wonderfully nostalgic and authentic sound.
The group is family-friendly and always perform at a reasonable volume for the venue and audience. Come and enjoy the timeless classics of The Beatles recreated by this talented quartet!


Jim Acker - Lead vocalist

DJ Brown - Lead and Acoustic Guitars, Harmony

Bruce Jackson - Bass and Harmony

Sam Beck-Andersen - Drums

Norm Rand - Sound and lighting engineer


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